Wednesday, 30 April 2014

My latest tattoo

I've been dreaming of a tattoo on my forearm for a while now, and I already had 4 tattoos but they were fairly small. A big tattoo, especially on your arm is a huge commitment so I thought about this one long and hard. I finally plucked up the courage to go get some info in January so I went to the Country Gent in Huddersfield, and spoke to Simon who kindly agreed to tattoo me. He's done two small tattoos for me before and he's an amazing artist (I would highly recommend him!).

I decided to go for a Lion. It goes without saying that lions are beautiful animals, and there's just something about their eyes that draws you in. I have many reasons behind my choice, but most of all lions are a symbol of strength. Below is the finished piece.

This picture was taken two days after my final sitting, so he is not fully healed (although he does look all dark and mysterious). I sat for just over 5 hours and I can't really say it didn't hurt. Since starting my lion I have learned from Simon that I have super sensitive skin so after around half an hour my arm swelled up and started getting sore. It probably hurt me more because of this, but I would still only rate the pain at 5 out of 10. 

I'm in love with my little man, and I can definitely say that there will be more to come! 

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