Sunday, 22 April 2012

Spray me silver

A cheeky can of metallic spray paint jumped out at me whilst routing through the cupboards last week. After looking through blogs I decided to bring some life to my old faded black skinny jeans. 

I started by protecting my carpet with a black bin bag, and laying the jeans out flat. I sprayed the top first, which came out really nice. 

I then set to work on the legs. This was really difficult as the spray paint didn't seem to cover everything even though I was spraying evenly. 

Eventually after spraying both the front and back, my work was done! 

This was a trial and error project, and my supplies were limited. The paint I used was just some metal paint (not fabric paint) so it had a really strong paint smell to it. I hand washed my jeans and sadly some of the paint came off. I'm now left with a slightly patchy pair of sparkly silver jeans :( 


  1. This is so cool!! what a great DIY!!!!! i love what you did with it!! :) Love K

  2. fabulous diy project!amazing jeans and great blog